Unbiased Web Hosting Advice

Unbiased Web Hosting Advice

All for me and all for free.


I wrote this post about 4 years ago. Back then I left out recommending a host as I was tired of being hit with affiliate links. I wanted to write an unbiased account, and one that the reader could trust. But I have gained a lot of experience since then and feel it’s time for an update.

Shortly after writing my first account I began using WebHostFace. WebhostFace offer a quality service at a good price. Their support is superb; I doubt if there is better.
Recently, I also signed up with Flywheel. Flywheel specialise in WordPress hosting and are especially good for WordPress developers. They are not cheap, but offer a rock solid hosting solution. The Flywheel site and dashboard are beautiful and functional.  But best of all is the Local by Flywheel app. As well as being able to spin up a WordPress install in a click (it really is this easy) the bit I like best is being able make changes locally then simply push them live.  Why they don’t promote this feature I have no idea – it is so good. After a bit of digging around I found this:


The support at WebHostFace  sets the bar, but Flywheel offer great support too. Check them out and let me know what you think.

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And here is the original post.

Before I start let’s get a couple of things straight:
There are no links to hosting companies; no click throughs; no special offers; and no recommended hosts.
There are no adverts for hosting companies.
And I am not going to criticise, or recommend, a particular host.

The main motivation behind writing this is to save others the grief I caused myself, by my what became an obsession to find the holy hoster –  I just Googled this and a company of this name exists, but if you are cynical enough to believe I intended this, it’s your problem!

My hosting plan was coming to an end and I wanted a new host. There was nothing really wrong with my current host, but I felt they had taken their eye of the ball. They also felt a bit stale.  To be honest, their style didn’t appeal to me: I am attracted to an alternative style and quirkiness.

What followed was weeks of searching and reading reviews. I was consumed day and night, and I got it all out of proportion. It wasn’t helped by the fact that I wanted it all: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, excellent service, and cheap as chips. On top of all this I wanted the requisite style and quirkiness. Which was the most important? All of them; I want it all!

Now, you have either read stacks of reviews and are in a fog of contradictory confusion, or you are just about to embark on this journey – Stop! I can tell you right now, that every host you review who offers unlimited everything for less than the price of a coffee a day, will have good, bad, and not so good, or not so bad, reviews. I bet you anything. Go on: read, read, read – I won’t say I told you so, but I have.

You will also read lots of well written and stylish reviews, And guess what? The majority, if not all, will have a nice link to a host, which means the reviewer will earn money when you sign up. To be fair, many are upfront about this.

So what did I do? I went for what I wanted all along, but had to take out the unlimited everything for nothing bit. I choose a host that felt good to me and had the requisite style, quality, quirkiness and feel I wanted to be part of. In the end, I paid more and got less. Stupid? No, not really, I am very happy with my choice. I paid a bit more, but got more of what matters to me. I also got excellent customer service.

I checked the customer service by writing to all the hosters which appealed to me. In fact, just going through the process of finding and using support is worth doing.

What did I write? Here is a sample:

Hello Host, my contract with current hosting provider runs out shortly and I would like to come to EverythingForNothingHosting. Before I do, I would like to make sure it is an easy transfer. How simple is the transfer?What do I need to do?

My site is based on WordPress, how would I transfer it to EverythingForNothingHost without busting all the links etc?

Thank you and regards


I am looking for a new host and I like the style of your company, however I can get unlimited everything, for next to nothing, at EverythingForNothingHost, what advantages are there of bringing my business to you and paying more for less?

Thank you and regards

Try your own, I found it a really useful process. If you are a wonderful and inspirational writer, you may want to pen:

I am a wonderful and inspirational writer and it likely that one of my articles will be so popular it will attract thousands of hits (go viral) in one day, will your everything for nothing account be suitable for this type of activity?

Also, ask yourself the question: why do people write reviews? I have found, it is mainly because they have an issue – they are angry. Or, there is money in it. What about you, I hear in the cynical clockwork of your mind?  The truth is, I wrote this to try to spare others what I went through, and because there is no football (soccer) on the telly.
Ultimately, you will go your own way, but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

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