The ultimate guide to Blackwing Volumes

The Ultimate Guide To Blackwing Volumes


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I am reluctant to admit it but I have always loved stationary. Pens, pencils, erasers, paper clips, and those lovely little yellow Post-it notes – I can’t resist anything.

One of my fondest memories is being given responsibility for equipping my new organisation with all it’s stationary needs. I spent days going through catalogues and ordering anything that took many fancy, whether we needed it of not – heaven.

Today I discovered Blackwing pencils, or did they find me? I am not sure how I have missed these beauties for so long, but now that I have found them I have to press Buy. I have no idea why I need these pencils, but I am sure that I do; it could be an expensive obsession. Read on and tell me you don’t feel the same way.

This entry was posted on January 2, 2018 by Mishka of Bureau Direct.

Celebrating a creative culture Blackwing pencils have inspired a cult following and they are a dream to write with – Half the pressure, twice the speedᅠ- is the brand’s motto.
At first the number 602 was the name of the pencil after pencil 601 and before pencil 603. Over time however, as the following grew the 602 became a rockstar of graphite world. An icon that has been a part of creating Bugs Bunny, the Looney Tunes and many more.

“Over time, 602 has become a number with stories to tell…  What other numbers have stories to tell?”

The Blackwing Volumes are special editions that come out 3-4 times a year in limited quantities and tell interesting stories about locations, music & sports legends, film, photography , etc.
For stationery geeks (like us) they’ve transcended into a modern art form which we love to collect.  Listed below are all the Volumes that have been issued so far. How many of these can you remember and which one is your favourite?

Source: The ultimate guide to Blackwing Volumes – Stationery Wednesday

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