ProFit – FieldLab Sheffield

Total budget across all partners €5m

FieldLab Sheffield budget €800,000

This site was produced for an EU funded project called ProFit.
As well as being the project manager for FieldLab Sheffield I produced the content for the Sheffield section of the site.

What is ProFit?

Profit is an opportunity for international cooperation in sports innovation. And a FieldLab is a live location where these innovations are tested and developed – for example, a park.
In Sheffield, the project aims to make Lowfield Park a unique site by becoming the first UK FieldLab for innovation in urban outdoor sport, exercise, and physical activity.
In its wider context, ProFit is a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield City Council, and eight other EU partner organisations. The partners are responsible for developing an EU network of FieldLabs. Initially, these are located in the cities of Sheffield, Delft, Eindhoven, Kortrijk, and Belfast.
Further details on the project are available here, where you can see me in my natty gilet.