Blackwater Valley Countryside Management Service

Funded by the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire County Councils and 11 local authorities

This was the first website I produced. It was a long time ago. So far back that PC’s had just replaced the typing pool and the web was in its infancy.
I deliberated whether or not to include it here fearing it would look dated. It has also been fiddled with by others for the last 15 years.
In the end, I decided the Blackwater Valley was a worthy addition as I am proud of my first efforts. It was all done the hard way by writing HTML and CSS and producing graphics with Photoshop. A steep learning curve to say the least.
Another reason for it inclusion here is that, at the time, much of the content was produced by me. By this I mean the work I did in the Blackwater Valley. Examples include running events, construction of footpaths with a guide book and maps, and the construction of a water sports centre.
After I wrote this I noticed the site had just gone through a redesign. It is bears little resemblance to the site I produced. Rather than take it out , I leave it as an example the of the pitfalls of relying on volunteer effort.  View it here:  https://www.bvct.org.uk/