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Geno Auriemma – Recruiting Enthusiastic Kids

...body language and attitude This excellent short video from Geno Auriemma  went viral. Why?  It touched a place - a future - that many can relate to. It is also a must watch for parents and budding athletes. The skill set of a  good...

Otto’s Second Day

Otto's the Norfolk Terrier's second morning at South View. He is 9 weeks old and a little devil. Nothing phases this feisty, stubborn wee thing. Everybody needs a bit of Ots in their life. Journal...

What’s all the weird text below?  Baseball Ipsum, that’s what. I like to use it for filler text.
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Bring on the Ipsum: pitchout bullpen leather silver slugger baseline, airmail practice. National pastime golden sombrero fenway right field scorecard stretch grass world series assist. Umpire sacrifice fly left fielder rally league loogy hey batter pennant.

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Jungle Gym XT vs. TRX®

Jungle Gym XT vs. TRX®

Having just installed the first suspension training frame in a public open space in the UK, we were busting to tryout out.