About getting Over the Net

A potted biography


Hello. I am Alan Williams, I am an independent web professional.  I have been building websites for a long time.

Over the Net was born in the 90’s. It exists because I have a passion for sport, recreation and play, and for all those odd pursuits which keep people healthy and happy.

I also have extensive experience in the project management of sport and community initiatives. And I lead and advise on many national strategic sports plans. Altogether, I have a unique skill set which is hard to find.

I specialise in supporting and developing sport and community groups and providing an online presence; ensuring they are seen and heard through quality web design. I am also passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses maximise their potential.

I like to see groups develop, thrive and become sustainable. In this way we learn from each other and, in a small way, make the world a better place.

I live on the edge of Sheffield, England in the Peak District village of Bradwell, at the bottom of a very steep hill. It’s popular with people who like to hang from bits of nylon and float above my house. Quite often hang time isn’t protracted and they spiral down to the farmer’s field at Hazelbadge. It can be distracting.

I have intentionally omitted my entire life history. However, if you have a predilection for the soporific, and you’d like to know more about me, then email Alan at this domain. I respond better over coffee though.
Alan Windy Williams